Originators of the Hope of America & Freedom Leadership Awards, 1963


Educator of the Year Award, 2015


June 7/14, 2017



Salt Lake City

Since October 1940

● Richfield Kiwanis Club

● University of Utah CKI Club

East High School Key Club

Bryant Middle School Builders Club

Meeting in: Little America Coffee Shop Meeting Room, 500 South Main Street, SLC

 Visitors and Guests Welcome or

Dues and some other payments to the club can be made by going to:


The BONNEVILLE KIWANIS CLUB OF SALT LAKE CITY is an all-volunteer charitable organization.  In keeping with the stated goals of KIWANIS INTERNATIONAL, our mission is to provide financial assistance, education, and leadership training to disadvantaged youth and young adults in our community.  We seek to provide lasting friendships within and outside the organization through an emphasis on service.


Remember … To treat those that serve us at Little America well and remember to leave a tip for them before you leave

WED 6/7

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WED 6/14

Judge David Sam's Chambers meet there at 12 noon

WED 6/21

Speaker/Topic – To Be Announced

WED 6/28

Speaker/Topic – To Be Announced

WED 7/5

Speaker/Topic – To Be Announced

WED 7/12

Speaker/Topic – To Be Announced

WED 7/19

Speaker/Topic – To Be Announced

Aug 17th - 19th

98th Annual Utah–Idaho District Convention,

Days Inn, Richfield, Utah







2016 – 2017 Contact Information

(B) Business, (C) Cell, (H) Home. (I) Internet


Richard Greene. Major (R),

C: (801) 781-0397,


Vice President

Jared Parkinson, (801) 808-3377



Secretary &


Gordon Lewis

C: (385) 202-9845, I: 801-693-8644,


Board Members

Wes Sine, Dave Nelson, Alan Engen,

Larry Handy, Ed Rogers, Dave Allred, Chuck Baker

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On June 7th


   1494 - Spain and Portugal signed the Treaty of Tordesillas, which divided the New World between the two countries.

   1654 - Louis XIV was crowned king of France.

   1776 - Richard Henry Lee of Virginia introduced a resolution in the Continental Congress proposing a Declaration of Independence.

   1892 - Homer Plessy was arrested for his refusal to move from a whites-only seat on a train. This led to the Plessy v. Ferguson Supreme Court decision.

   1929 - Vatican City became a sovereign state.

   1948 - President Eduard Beneš of Czechoslovakia resigned and the Communist takeover of the country was completed.

   1967 - Dorothy Parker, American short story writer, poet, and critic, died.

   2003 Rev. V. Gene Robinson was elected the first openly gay bishop by New Hampshire Episcopalians.


On June 14th …


   1775 -The United States Army was founded.

   1777 - The Continental Congress adopted the Stars and Stripes as the official flag of the U.S.

   1922 - Warren Harding became the first president to be heard on the radio.

   1940 - German troops entered Paris. The Nazis opened the Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland.

   1951 - The first commercial computer, Univac I, was unveiled.

   1954 - President Eisenhower signed the order inserting the words "under God" into the Pledge of Allegiance.

   1982 - Argentine forces surrendered to British troops on the Falkland Islands.


June 7th Birthdays …

Gwendolyn Brooks, American poet (1917); Paul Gauguin,

Painter (1848); Knud Rasmussen, Arctic Explorer (1879);

Elizabeth Bowen, Author (1899); Virginia Apgar, Physician and Anesthesiologist (1909); “Nikki” Giovanni, Poet (1943)


June 14th Birthdays …

Ernesto Guevara, Cuban Revolutionary and Political Leader

(1928); Harriet Beecher Stowe; Writer (1811); Margaret Bourke-White, Photographer (1904); Donald J. Trump, Business Executive (1946); Eric Heiden, Speed Skater (1958)


World History …

1859 - John Brown raids Harpers Ferry; is captured and hanged. Work begins on Suez Canal. Unification of Italy starts under leadership of Count Cavour, Sardinian premier. Joined by France in war against Austria. Jean-Joseph-


Étienne Lenoir builds first practical internal-combustion engine. Edward Fitzgerald's translation of The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam. Charles Darwin's Origin of Species. J. S. Mill's On Liberty.


1860 - South Carolina secedes from the Union.


1861- U.S. Civil War begins as attempts at compromise fail. Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, and Texas secede; with South Carolina, they form the Confederate States of America, with Jefferson Davis as president. Virginia, Arkansas, Tennessee, North Carolina secede and join Confederacy. First Battle of Bull Run (Manassas).(For detailed chronology, see The Civil War.) Congress creates Colorado, Dakota, and Nevada territories; adopts income tax; Lincoln inaugurated. Serfs emancipated in Russia. Pasteur's theory of germs. Independent Kingdom of Italy proclaimed under Sardinian king Victor Emmanuel II.


1862 - Several major Civil War battles: Battle of Shiloh, Second Battle of Bull Run (Manassas), Battle of Antietam. Salon des Refusés introduces impressionism.


1863 - French capture Mexico City; proclaim Archduke Maximilian of Austria emperor. Battle of Gettysburg.


1864 - Gen. Sherman's Atlanta campaign and “march to the sea.”


1865 - Gen. Lee surrenders to Grant at Appomattox; the Civil War is over. Lincoln fatally shot at Ford's Theater by John Wilkes Booth. Vice President Johnson sworn as successor. Booth caught and dies of gunshot wounds; four conspirators are hanged. Joseph Lister begins antiseptic surgery. Gregor Mendel's Law of Heredity. Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.


1866 - Alfred Nobel invents dynamite (patented in Britain, 1867). Seven Weeks' War: Austria defeated by Prussia and Italy.


1867 - Austria-Hungary Dual Monarchy established. French leave Mexico; Maximilian executed. Dominion of Canada established. U.S. buys Alaska from Russia for $7,200,000. South African diamond field discovered. Japan ends 675–year shogun rule. Volume I of Marx's Das Kapital. Strauss's Blue Danube.


1868 - Revolution in Spain; Queen Isabella deposed, flees to France. In U.S., Fourteenth Amendment giving civil rights to blacks is ratified. Georgia under military government after legislature expels blacks.


1869 - First U.S. transcontinental rail route completed. James Fisk and Jay Gould's attempt to control gold market causes Black Friday panic. Suez Canal opens. Mendeleev's periodic table of elements.


1870 - Franco-Prussian War (to 1871): Napoleon III capitulates at Sedan. Revolt in Paris; Third Republic proclaimed.


1871 - France surrenders Alsace-Lorraine to Germany; war ends. German Empire proclaimed with Prussian King as Kaiser Wilhelm I. Fighting with Apaches begins in American West. Boss Tweed corruption exposed in New York. The Chicago Fire, with 250 deaths and $196-million damage. Stanley meets Livingstone in Africa.